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How To Remove Ripoff Reports From Google

The Ripoff Reports can be really damage to the business or individual. The main trouble is complaint report about a business can hurt sales and consumer trust. Any Bad Reviews or complaints posted on the site can rank very fast on search engines.

The reputation management liabilities come from the first page of all search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It exactly takes less than 30 minutes to submit a damaging\ destructive or harmful post on internet sites such as The damaging entries are stay on first page on Google Search Engine for a few years in the future and it can easily have a dreadful effect on profession or company.


If you are worried about your online reputation then there is an agency who gives you the best online reputation management service and Search Engine Optimization services. Through this article we will discussed with you that How to Remove Ripoff Reports From Google permanently?

Let’s start with the how can we done it:

If you think to erase your bad views or Rippoff Report on the search engine, then you can promote your positive links on the website. This may sound simple but can be quite difficult in practical. It can be done by yourself or the company helps you with hard work and diligence. Only this solution can remove your Report but there is no guarantee that you are doing it in right way.

First Solution- Promote Positive Listings:

It will take between 6-12 weeks to see the earliest good listings come into view on the first page. In most instances this technique on its own is not sufficient to over- rank the unwanted or undesirable listing and flounce on top page, particularly if the negative listing is found very high on the primary page on Google. In this scenario, there is only one thing that is a link building campaign to support newly designed listings. This action will exceed the rank and suppress the damaged or poor list.

How much time the Ripoff Report Removal take?

It takes a proficient reputation management firm about 3-4 months to rap it from top search, some take longer than this. The problem with doing it yourself is that you may spend countless or innumerable hours to try to figure it out and get result after 2 month! Not something that most people get excited about.

What is the Cost?

The Price and effectiveness range of Ripoff Report Removal services starts from $1,000. They claim anywhere from a few weeks to six months to suppress the claim. Before any answer you chose to remove the report, all the information or steps you have to clear first then go step by step process. If you do not, it will continue to take a bite out of your business for months and years to come. The only alternative available for dealing with a Ripoff Report is to hide the link on the search engines using search engine optimization (SEO) tactics or strategies.

Ripoff Report

Some tips on how to hide a Ripoff Report link on Google

  • Create micro-sites like Add some positive content about you or your company to these new domains.
  • Create complete social profiles on sites like, facebook,, Twitter, and others.
  • Get bloggers to blog about you or your business and link from the blog posts to your new sites and profiles.
  • Add your company to industry directories and become active on industry forums.
  • Get people and other websites to link to your sites (link building).
  • Do not spam search engines with the same content over and over? Use unique content on each new site.
  • Create a YouTube account and add videos weekly. These videos may rank well for your company name.
  • Create a new press release weekly and submit it to press release sites like and others.
  • Add your blog to blog directories and use your company name or name in the description areas of the pages.
  • Do not threaten any blogger or website owner. They have control not you.

This process will take time and money to hide a Ripoff Report link. It can take several weeks to see the link move down on the search results.


Take into Service:

If you unable to do this process by yourself or have no time, you can take our services online. Wise Reputation Maker is here to help you to remove your Rippoff Report from Google. We provide the services of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ORM (Online Reputation Management) and can manage your business reputation by using new and innovative marketing ideas and strategies. We are one of the leading company which provides the help to individual or company to eliminate the negative feedback and bad link from their website and make your reputation Positive.

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