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If you are familiar with SEO, you might have interested to know how ‘Googlebot Smartphone’ Revolutionizes Mobile Searches. Get to the bottom depth of the concept with Wise Reputation Maker. Let us start with understanding,

What is Googlebot?

There are less possible chances to find a person, who will have ignorance towards Google, when one makes a query on Google he/she immediately gets best possible results, but have you ever paid a heed to the matter how is this possible and how it gets to know about the most relevant website. There is a one word answer for this question and i.e. Googlebot.

It crawls the web pages and check out them for updated and relevant information associated with the query posted and put them at index which might be called as the brain of Google where it carries and store whole the informative database. Every search engine has its own crawler like Googlebot is a crawler for Google search engine.

What Googlebot Smartphone Does?

All the searches are not carried out by Googlebot, Google use different bots to carry out different tasks for example to AdsBot keeps a check on quality of ads to pick most appropriate one. In the similar way, Googlebot Smartphone offers its preference to mobile version of web-pages.

How ‘Googlebot Smartphone’ Revolutionizes Mobile Searches?

Google is coming with new and revolutionary changes with the passing of time to provide quality results to its users. As smart phones has become so handy and generally people like to quest everything on their phones. In this notion Googlebot Smartphone might have following effect on mobile searches.

Responsive Websites Will Have Dominance over the Web

If your website is responsive congratulations! You are going to get positive outcomes from Googlebot Smartphone, which Google has come up with recently, as desktops has its existence before than mobile phones, generally all the websites that exists on the web are not mobile friendly, and they have to go through upgrading if they want to make a reach out their potential customers.

Responsive websites are the one which are developed for both mobile as well as for desktops and it will be convenient for Googlebot Smartphone to fetch them while they will make a search for mobile friendly content to resolve queries on mobile phones.

Suggested Tips from Wise Reputation Maker

 Develop separate content for mobiles web-pages

  • Content must fit in the mobile pages
  • Make use of robots.txt for indexing
  • Go for custom website development

Technology undergoes instant changes, with the new coming hour, we encounter with a new technical experience, Googlebot Smartphone is the new innovative invention in mobile searching, to fetch quality data without wasting of time. Wise Reputation Maker provides step matching SEO services in the concerned notion which are available for your hiring 24*7.

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